Erin and Bay's Vineyard Wedding

I don't really consider myself a wedding photographer. About 95% of the time when someone asks me to shoot their wedding, I refer them to someone who actually specializes in wedding photography. For friends, however, I make that 5% exception.

On Saturday, I photographed a wedding for my pal Bay Reid at his family's winery in Napa. It was catered by Fume Bistro, and the flowers were from Garaventa

The wedding ceremony started at 5pm, and as with most weddings, there wasn't enough time to get all the photos I wanted. I had planned a bunch of shots with the bride and groom, but we simply ran out of moments. Bay and Erin didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, so we didn't have an opportunity to get any couple photos out of the way. I also didn't get the chance to grab any formal portraits of Erin in her wedding dress.

Enough about what I didn't get. Here are a few of the 523 images I did deliver: