Cut-Out Bottle Shots

It ain't necessarily the most exciting thing I shoot, but every winery needs images of their bottles. There are two main types of bottle shots -- the cut-out and the beauty. Cut-outs are simple bottle shots on a plain white background. I "cut out" the bottle so it can actually be placed on another background if necessary. I deliver two file types for each bottle shot. One is a PNG which is just the bottle itself that can be dropped onto another image, and a JPEG that is the bottle on a white background that's perfect for a winery's marketing needs.

Shooting glass and liquid isn't easy. Reflections, refractions, label defects, bottle defects, seams, dust, smudges, etc. all have to be managed. I have to shoot each bottle at least three times; first concentrating on the bottle itself, then the label, and then the capsule. With etched or screen-printed bottles, I have to manually paint in the label designs. Recently, due to client feedback, I've even started "filling up" the bottle, so there's no translucent gap between the wine and the cork. Those separate pieces are combined in Photoshop, made perfect, then cut out. The camera, the software, and the monitor are all color calibrated for accuracy. I also use a 36 megapixel camera and deliver the full resolution files.