Ad for Mercedes-Benz

I was asked to create an image for a new ad for Mercedes-Benz. Not wanting to deliver something ordinary, I came up with the idea of shooting a car with some motion. It's too easy to park a car on the road and grab some images; I needed an unnecessary challenge. And since I'm not too good at Photoshop, I had to do it all in camera. 

I picked a remote road in Carneros, so I wouldn't have to deal with traffic. I picked a time when the sun was low. I picked my brother in law to drive the car while I sat in the open trunk. I wanted the camera really low, so I had it attached upside down to my monopod and kept it just above the street. I wirelessly connected my iPad to the camera, so I could see the image and trigger the shutter. I needed motion blur, so I set the camera to a slow shutter speed (1/100 second.) My brother in law drove about 20 MPH, and let's just say the AMG SL63 had no trouble keeping up with us.