well balanced

This is my pal, Jason Moore.

Jason is (surprise!) a winemaker.  One of the valley's young stars in our galaxy of winemakers, he’s made quite a name for himself in the few years he’s been here.  He makes wines for eight clients plus his own label, Modus Operandi.

A little over ten years ago, Jason and his wife, Angelica Moore, sold everything they owned and moved from Dallas to Davis.  The plan was to attend UC Davis’ Enology program, but Jason decided to skip that idea and learn winemaking on his own.  Passion, luck and waiting tables at La Toque got him through the lean years.  Now, he’s living the life he’s always dreamed about.  I love that wine, much like art, can prompt people to do crazy things and sacrifice their finances in order to live their aspirations.  It’s a story I know all too well.

Jason’s wines are much like Jason himself — big, muscular, and well balanced.

Hence the title “Well Balanced”.