trident blows

This is my friend, Kristy Sammis.
Kristy is the Co-Founder, COO, and CMO of Clever Girls Collective.  It’s an agency of about twenty employees and 6500 bloggers whose job is to get the word out.  Companies hire Clever Girls Collective to promote their products through the influence of their network of bloggers.  For example, Kraft wants to promote Cool Whip, so they hire CGC to have their network of influencers write about how Cool Whip makes everything better.  That’s the ultra-simplified version, but it should give you an idea about what Kristy's company does.
Kristy also has a couple of young children…one girl and one boy.  They are the third and fourth cutest kids I know (first and second are my boys, natch.)  Her husband, Peter Bartlett, works for Zapolski Real Estate and is almost as funny as Kristy.
I just really admire Kristy.  She’s successfully done so many interesting things with her life and is truly a woman — no, make that person — to whom we all should aspire.  And she does it all with humor, sincerity and pink hair.  There are really a lot more stories about Kristy, but I need to keep this short.  Just look up #BatKid and read her Twitter stream about live-tweeting her kids’ births.
But you know what Kristy can't do?  Blow a big bubble.  But we'll blame it on the bubble gum flavored Trident, because I couldn't find any Hubba Bubba.
This one’s called “Trident Blows”.