make me look cool

This is my old pal, Brian Wallace AKA Woody Boyd.

Brian is the Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing for Ricoh.  Cool title, but I ain’t got a clue what he actually does.  Probably talks to a lot of people about selling copiers and stuff.  He doesn’t make wine, so I start thinking about other things when he talks shop.  He lives in Folsom with his wife and his two cute kids.  He’s also one heck of a graphic designer and artist.

I met Woody in 1991-ish.  I was a Head Clerk (pee-on manager) at Bel Air #16 supermarket in Elk Grove, and he was hired on as a Courtesy Clerk (bagger).  This was back when grocery stores made a point of cultivating a good experience when you had to grab some milk and peanut butter.  But I digress.  We became quick friends as we both had an obsession with music.  Along with Michael McKay, we’d hit the local music scene in downtown Sacramento every chance we got — usually with a $5 pitcher of PBR.  When Brian and I went to Sac State together (he as undergrad and I as a graduate student,) he hosted a radio show on the college radio station.  He got me a gig hosting my own radio show on KSSU which turned into working for MTV which then ultimately turned in to being a concert promoter and music producer at 98 Rock in Sacramento.  Mike and Brian made the ‘90s extra fun.

In the early aughts, he left the grocery biz to sell copiers, and I left to sell stocks.  Our lives went in different directions, and we lost contact for a few years.  But thanks to Facebook, we can now keep an eye on old friends.  He was visiting some clients in the area yesterday, so I, doing what I do, grabbed a quick photo of him while he was in the studio.

This one’s called “Make Me Look Cool.”