first birthday

One year ago today, I decided to give this whole photography thing a go.  I had been a semi-professional photographer for a few years prior doing bottle shots, events, and portraits after work and on the weekends.  I had just been laid off, so I wondered if the universe was telling me it was my time to make the jump to a full-time professional photographer.  

It was not an easy decision.  Being a photographer is not the wisest move one can make.  Cheap, excellent cameras and iPhones have made photographers of us all.  I have a wife, two little boys, a house, and all the stuff that goes along them that I need to support solely by creating photographs.  The pressure is on.
Luckily, my wife has been very supportive.  Luckily, too, I have been blessed with a long string of clients who routinely need me.  I think I’ve done pretty well in my first year.
Every day, however, I consider going back to the corporate world where there’s a steady paycheck, fixed hours and insurance benefits.  Then I get an email from a client who needs me again.