2015 Napa Valley Film Festival

The Napa Valley Film Festival just wrapped up its fifth year. I've been photographing for them since the beginning. Just about every image you've ever seen in the media or in advertising has been mine. It's a great honor to not only photograph for the festival but be the manager of a small team of photographers attempting to capture it all.

Technically, it's five full days, but in reality it lasts much longer. Not counting all the meetings, I easily devoted over a hundred  hours. During the midst of it all, I was working from 7am until well past 1am either photographing, editing, scheduling, or coordinating. I was delivering images throughout the day and had all images uploaded before I went to bed. The film festival needed the images right away in order to make them available to the various media outlets. Whenever I had a free moment and free wi-fi, I'd be uploading images and fielding emails.

But whatever. It's great fun, and I'll do it all again if they'll have me. I got to meet John Travolta, Keegan-Michael Key, Emilie de Ravin (Claire from Lost), Kelly Preston, a bunch of movie directors and producers, and a bunch more (and more important to me) wine folks.

While I don’t really get many opportunities to watch the films, I did manage to catch a few. Spotlight was my favorite scripted movie, and the documentaries The Landfillharmonic, Right Footed, and Somm: Into the Bottle were even better. Right Footed and The Landfillharmonic were especially powerful showing people overcoming extraordinary odds to become inspirations. I remember driving to the theater to see The Landfillharmonic and being mad at myself for forgetting to fully charge my iPhone. My petty problems are insignificant after seeing the struggles of others.

Here are a few of the 1500 shots I delivered from this year's festival: